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Identity and Security

  • Cloud Identity – Single sign-on (SSO) service based on SAML 2.0 and OpenID.
  • Cloud IAM – Identity & Access Management (IAM) service for defining policies based
    on role-based access control.
  • Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy – Service to control access to cloud applications running
    on Google Cloud Platform without using a VPN.
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention API – Service to automatically discover, classify, and
    redact sensitive data.
  • Security Key Enforcement – Two-step verification service based on a security key.
  • Cloud Key Management Service – Cloud-hosted key management service integrated
    with IAM and audit logging.
  • Cloud Resource Manager – Service to manage resources by project, folder, and
    organization based on the hierarchy.
  • Cloud Security Command Center – Security and data risk platform for data and
    services running in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud Security Scanner – Automated vulnerability scanning service for applications
    deployed in App Engine.
  • Access Transparency – Near real-time audit logs providing visibility to Google Cloud
    Platform administrators.
  • VPC Service Controls – Service to manage security perimeters for sensitive data in
    Google Cloud Platform services.

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