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Big Data

  • BigQuery – Scalable, managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics.
  • Cloud Dataflow – Managed service based on Apache Beam for stream and batch
    data processing.
  • Cloud Data Fusion – A managed ETL service based on the Open Source Cask Data
    Application Platform.
  • Dataproc – Big data platform for running Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark jobs.
  • Cloud Composer – Managed workflow orchestration service built on Apache Airflow.
  • Cloud Datalab – Tool for data exploration, analysis, visualization and machine
    learning. This is a fully managed Jupyter Notebook service.
  • Cloud Dataprep – Data service based on Trifacta to visually explore, clean, and
    prepare data for analysis.
  • Cloud Pub/Sub – Scalable event ingestion service based on message queues.
  • Cloud Data Studio – Business intelligence tool to visualize data through dashboards
    and reports.
  • Looker – Business intelligence platform used to deliver value through real-time
    dashboards, integrated insights, and custom applications.

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