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How Our Epic Partnership With Google Cloud Helped

Cloud 11 Turns 10: How Our Epic Partnership With Google Cloud Helped Businesses Thrive

Back in late 2010 when my small team and I were designing the portfolio of Cloud 11, our main

mission was (is) to help companies, big or small, thrive by providing them with smart IT solutions

with monthly pricing plans. This would, in return, allow Cloud 11 to make an impact not just in

the market but also in society as these companies can now focus more on their businesses and

dedicate more of their resources to improve their products and services and serve more

customers. And who could help us fulfill this purpose? Of course, the one and only: Google.

Becoming a Google partner provided our team with authentic Google Cloud Training. Our sales

and technical team became knowledgeable about Google Cloud Solutions with a sharp ability to

explain these solutions to the customers highlighting its added-value to the business while being

ready for implementation and deployment. As we started approaching customers offering our

new magical cloud solutions, we encountered a challenge.

At first, many companies were quite apprehensive to use Google Cloud Solutions as their data

was better off kept in their physical servers that offered more security but "out there, on the

internet?! We're not really sure!". Yet, what seemed like a disadvantage to them was exactly the

reason why they had to move to Cloud. Google doesn't just offer data centers so companies can

migrate their data online, Google, with its best-in-the-world engineers, is in charge of operating

and securing this data, offering customers privacy and full-time availability on the system

through which they can access their data without encountering any downtime. Also, all data kept

on Google servers is secure against system upgrades, hardware crash, and power cuts. That's to

say: with Google, no data is lost.

As companies started giving cloud solutions a chance, our certified engineers at Cloud 11 began

helping customers in the migration process, provided them with change management training,

on-going and after-sales support to ensure that all employees were completely working in

harmony with Google Cloud Solutions in terms of email and chat and using Google Docs, Google

Sheets, and Google Slide instead of offline Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As more time passed and more customers started operating with Google Cloud Solutions, they eventually were

able to work smarter, increase their productivity, cut costs, and achieve efficiency, the thing that

made them feel satisfied with their collaboration with Cloud 11 and what it allowed them to


Over the years, Google has made big changes in its cloud features, applied regular weekly

updates, and rebranded its products as it changed from Google Apps for Business to Google for

Work to G Suite, to be known now as Google WorkSpace. By partnering with Google and

delivering its Cloud services to the region, Cloud 11 was able to witness the change in the

market from on-premise servers to Cloud by serving 600+ customers working in multiple

industries like retail, healthcare, real estate, technology, manufacturing, and higher education in

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and many African countries, giving

them, as well as us, a genuine chance to thrive, expand, and make a difference.

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