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Google Workspace Leading You towards Digital Transformation:





Digital Transformation has become the buzzword nowadays, with millions of companies, businesses, and organizations adjusting to the digital mode of operation. But what is Digital Transformation really beyond using video conferencing to replace a normal and traditional meeting?




Digital transformation is simply using technological advancement to solve problems and expedite slower processes. It also goes beyond the traditional definition of integrating digital technology in an organization, where sometimes a company’s business model relies solely on such technological advancement, such as how Uber revolutionized the concept of “ordering a taxi”.

Sometimes it’s about acquainiting employees towards the idea of technological advancement and offering a breeding ground for innovation. Digital Transformation simply touches many important aspects in an organization and on different levels and is the approach of the future to solving many traditional problems that were difficult to tackle before.


Google Workspace as a Tool for Digital Transformation







One of the innovative ways in which Google has decided to support organizations worldwide towards digital transformation was coming up with Google Workspace, an innovation that was initially marketed as “Google Apps for Your Domain” in 2006. Throughout the past 14 years, Google Apps evolved by adding different features and services, as well as rebranding its product by calling it G Suite in 2016. And now “Google Workspace”


With so many features and products within Google Workspace, Google has changed and revolutionized the concept of collective creation of projects and sharing online, and that is by creating a virtual area that supports such characteristics. Individuals, educationists, or businesses can produce, share, and edit projects in many different ways.


Moreover, through Google Workspace, companies for instance can customize their own domain email addresses, in addition to using its different products to conduct meetings, schedule tasks, work together and so on. Google Workspace consists of Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Current and Meet, as well as Drive for safe storage and sharing of data.  


In this article, we introduce the products in general as follows:




Those that Help in Communication







GmailWhich (as known to almost everyone) is for handling real-time messaging and emails.
CalendarWhich goes beyond booking appointments, to becoming an essential tool for time management and optimizing collaboration amongst employees.
Google Meet ChatWhere employees can chat to each other and send messages easily using Google Chat. In Meet, they can have video conference calls smoothly.



For Project Creation







DocsFor documents that can be created, edited, and shared in real-time between employees.
SheetsFor better analysis, spreadsheets that are co-created in real-time as well.

For creating better surveys or forms.
SlidesFor creating presentations together at the same time.
SitesFrom which an organization can create websites with no prior experience in coding and without the need for a web developer. Websites through Google Sites can be created for different purposes and uses, and admins can determine who has access and who doesn’t.

Can be thought of as a note-taking platform, or as a wall for sticky notes.

Which is basically an interactive whiteboard in which employees can discuss work-related matters in real-time and scribble!

Apps Script
Which gives the option of customizing Google Sheets the way one desires, like adding different formats for fonts or using other add-ons, as well as linking Sheets with other Google products using simple programming language with no prior experience in coding.



For Storage Purposes







In which all of the files created for projects and different purposes can be stored securely. Some Google Drive plans (which are commonly used by businesses) have unlimited storage memory. Moreover, files on Google Drive can be accessed anytime from any device quickly and securely.

Google Cloud Search
For effortless and quick searching through documents, files and data across an organization. Content can be only accessed as listed by the creator of the files.



For Control Purposes







From its name, is the product through which users and devices are controlled and security settings are configured.

Google Vault
Is an important product for organizations, where data is kept no matter what happens! Data can be kept even if an employee leaves the company and can be searched through or exported quite easily.

Used to keep organizations’ information and data secure across all devices, whether the device was a laptop or a mobile phone.

Work Insights
Which is quite a useful tool to give leaders and CEOs insights about how deploying Google Workspace has affected their organization. Many easy to interpret charts and graphs are provided to help decision makers use Google Workspace more effectively.



Cloud 11, Supporting You Step by Step in Your Digital Transformation Journey


So, are you ready for your Digital Transformation journey? Let Cloud 11 show you the way! We will help you deploy Google Workspace, train your employees to use the system more effectively, as well as offer you technical assistance all the way.

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